Dear Members,

As-salamu Alaykum

We will be holding a meeting of the members on the 15th August 2021 to adopt the amended and newly revised constitution. We have been advised by our solicitor, Mr P Korn, that the old constitution does not fit the purpose and is out of date. It was our wish to complete this process earlier but Covid-19 stopped us from doing so. We are taking the opportunity to complete this important matter on Sunday 15th August after Zuhr prayer. All registered members are invited and welcome.

The old constitution is still available to see with the new amended version down below.

As everyone will see, the Executive Committee has not wasted any time during the lockdown. We have taken the opportunity to fully refurbish the ground floor of our centre, making it modern and comfortable for our members.

It is important to express a special thank you to all our members for your continued support through this most difficult time. We fully intend to complete the upstairs of the centre in the coming months, insha'allah.

Amended Constitution

Old Constitution

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